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Force Unleashed 2 caps

Yup! Man, the graphics in the cinematics are gorgeous! Go ahead and see for yourself!

Welcome back, handsome!Collapse )

Star Wars: the Force Unleashed caps

The mentor who lived, Rahm Kota. Man, I loved this guy so much. I hope you guys did too.

Time for some snarky silver fox!Collapse )

Arkham City pics

Because Mr. Freeze & Ra'z al Ghul were that awesome.

Mr. FreezeCollapse )

Ra'z al GhulCollapse )

Screencaps--Myst 3: Exile

Specifically, everyone's favorite mad Narayani, Saavedro! Played by Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue), he gave a new dimension of urgency and darkness to this game that was not experienced in past Myst games, and expanded on the story of Sirrus and Achenar's tour of destruction before they were caught by their father. I think by the end of the game we were all rooting for him, however, as we had experienced a similar  manipulation and exile (though not quite as long) at the hands of the two brothers. So get ready for some haggard, insane prettiness!

Ooo, really? Show me!Collapse )

Beware, thar be spoilers here!Collapse )

More Logan screencaps

I said I'd post more when I got them, so here we are again!

Some angry picsCollapse )

some happier picsCollapse )

and some sadder picsCollapse )

Fable 3 hotness

I don't know about you guys, but when I saw the first trailers, my first thought was "DAMN, that king you have to overthrow is HOT!" I then discovered that he's the PC's brother, and is voiced by Michael Fassbender. UNF (ya, I have a thing for sexy voices). The cast is filled with other awesome actors as well, including Simon Pegg, John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Bernard Hill, and Ben Kingsley. This game is EPIC. The maps are massive and filled with detail, and the story is rife with difficult choices and subtle, philosophical questions, as well as corny humor to allow some relief.

Anyway, you know me--I eagerly anticipated seeing this game in action so I could drool over your supposedly evil brother, and once the first walkthrough was released, I lept on it and screencapped for all you fellow fangirls of men who are tall, dark, & sexy <3

Cinematic sexinessCollapse )

In-game shotsCollapse )

And as usual, any requests for caps of various characters are welcome.

REALLY LATE Fanime report

REALLY LATE Fanime report
I know this is over a month late, but I thought it might be a good idea to let everyone know how my first Fanime with a table in Artists Alley went. My good friend golden_archer  and her friends always reserve a few tables and share it between them, so I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and accompany their studio.

It was nice to sit down and not be constantly on my feet the whole weekend, but at the same time I was confined to my table for most of the event, so I missed a few things I usually made when I was free. For example, the Masquerade and certain cosplay gatherings. I had to make sure someone would be there to cover me if I wanted to check out the other artists' tables or the Dealers Hall, and when golden_archer  and I would take off for cosplay photoshoots, we'd have to make sure someone could cover both our tables. But we managed somehow, and it was a pretty good experience overall.

Being my first year, I wasn't exactly sure what would sell and what I needed to get. I decided to do chibi commissions, which went over pretty well--lots of people looking for a cute little souvenir to commemorate the con ;) I also got a button maker, so I could make chibi pins in addition to the pre-made ones I managed to come up with like a week or two before the con XD Mostly "Team Edward/Jacob" parodies, such as "Team Jareth", "Team [strike]Higgle[/strike] Hoggle", "Team Jake/Tsu'tey", etc. I'm totally game to making any that you happen to come up with, btw ;) (1 1/4" pins). And last but not least I got some prints of artwork I thought would be popular (mostly my fanart). Didn't sell many of those, but I was so happy that of the ones that did, the majority of them were my Gaki no Tsukai pic! So excited to spread the love to fellow Gaki no Tsukai fans! :D I also negotiated an art trade mid-con with the wonderful karinkanzuki and 47ness--I drew a chibi from each of their comics, and they drew my beloved android from my story (that is in the planning stages). They did such great jobs, and I was really happy to doodle their beloved characters and see their excited reactions ;)

There were a few bad things that happened, but they were more bad luck-related. A few days before Fanime, I discovered that the lens of my Canon Powershot was stuck partially open. When I tried to turn it on, it would whirr a bit and then say in the display screen "lens error". Found out that was a pretty bad thing--it means that something in the lens aperture has fallen out of alignment, and fixing it usually means replacing the whole thing, which can cost as much as the camera. Well, of course I didn't have the money to do it, so I borrowed my mom's Nikon Coolpix. That worked perfectly well until Sunday, when while trying to photograph a girl in a gorgeous gothic lolita dress, I dropped it. Guess what was screwed up? Yup. The lens. Another lens error! UGH! So for the rest of the con I couldn't photograph anyone--and I missed some good ones, too. Thank god for the internet, though--plenty of pics from other people ;) I don't have the money to fix it or get a new one, either, so I'm camera-less, and will be for a while until I pay off my Fanime expenses and then save up enough.

In addition, the American-based vendor who sold ball-jointed dolls every year, the Junky Spot, couldn't make it this year due to financial and personal problems, so all the artists who sold hand-made doll accessories--including my friend golden_archer --suffered majorly due to the lack of new doll owners looking for clothes, wigs, and accessories for their new, naked dolls. Luckily golden_archer  was smart and made some charm bracelets Monday that sold very well, so she was able to make enough so that the con wasn't a total waste D:

This year was definitely more stressful and complex than any other year, but it was still a lot of fun, and also rather uplifting. It demonstrated to me that I can make money off of my art, which I'd been feeling rather pessimistic about it up until then. Can't wait until next year, and any other con I manage to afford XD Fun fun fun!
Ya, I think I have enough room to cram 'em all in here. Unfortunately Paola and Sister Teodora aren't that big presences in the game, but I got what I could.

Ezio's first ally!Collapse )

Bless me, father, for I have sinned <3Collapse )

Back to the world's cutest inventor!Collapse )

And one HANDSOME friend of the familyCollapse )
As promised, Volpe and Antonio. I got a little too ambitious with Antonio today while screencapping and ended up with over 70 images, but after some reviewing, I deleted several that were not as good or too similar to another. Now we've a much more manageable 36. So let's get to it!

Click for abounding smugness...Collapse )

...and excessive hand-gesturing!Collapse )

Assassin's Creed 2 screenshots--I lied

Today we have Rosa and Caterina Sforza instead. But I promise to get to Volpe and Antonio once I finish screencapping Antonio. I'll also have a few caps of Leonardo and Lorenzo from the DLC missions, which I missed.
Click here for one awesome chika...Collapse )
...and more kickass hotness!Collapse )